Back to basics

Posted by Justin Lillico on Sun 19 November 2017

So since my last post, I have begun working as a volunteer. The Arduino project is on hiatus.

As it happens, it is considerably difficult to acquire paid work when you are but a meagre, inexperienced web developer. And by inexperienced, I mean I don’t have any idea how to build websites. I get the concepts and the word ‘JavaScript’ doesn’t leave me thinking about some kind of dialogue for a coffee cup but as I am rapidly learning, this is not enough.

I have been graciously afforded an opportunity to get some hands-on experience, even after I admitted I was slowly drowning in alien code. The website I am working on is not being built from the ground up, but my understanding of it is. I am forced to study everything: from where every bit bounces about to what the CSS colour code for deep cyan is. This way I learn its function.

Luckily for me, when it comes to problem solving, I can’t sleep until I get it. Seriously, I’ve been known to avoid eating—nearly dying as a consequence—in order to just fix that one little problem… But I suppose that’s a common attribute for coders. We love the punishment. I am a precious little snowflake though. I like to stare at these riddles for so long that the symbols that represent math and logic slowly become stripped of their meaning. Some people like football, I like brain melting. What of it?

Anyway, I learn this way. As a wise man (aka Turk from the hit television series Scrubs) once said: learn by doing. I find it works best for me. So, while I may be at school, have no experience, thirty years old and currently exchanging precious hours of my life for money carving up deceased beasts, I have this tenacious drive on my side.

If you are a potential employer reading this, please don’t be deterred. I am actually quite professional.