Tis the season...

Posted by Justin Lillico on Fri 15 December 2017

Image credit - DoYouKubuntu

Hey gang! Just checking in.

So, ‘tis the season to be jolly and what not so I am allowing myself to take some R&R. Ergo I have temporarily suspended work on the platform I was working on. I’m not going into business for myself to work the holidays!

I am going to continue my studies next year doing two units a semester for three more semesters then its done. I will spend a month or two at the start of next year learning the WordPress platform also. While I prefer building things from nothing -- as I am sure most programmers do -- I cannot help but concede that both the quality and quantity of my work would greatly benefit from the use of a framework such as this one.

I will then be looking for freelance work in this area hoping to hone my skills.

So that is the immediate plan. Also, in my spare time I have been playing around with game design using software called GameMaker. Basically, a framework that allows for rapid development of 2D games. Of course, being a framework, it limits the kind of outside-the-box thinking you can do in terms of mechanics during development, but my god it makes it easy to translate ideas into reality fast.

So currently, I am using this software to build a game about one of my mates just for kicks. Might even get good at it.

If you thought I couldn’t possibly have anymore to say I also had a gig in the city just the weekend gone. We all felt as though we had done a less than amazing job on the stage but we all thought each other did a great job. So it’s clearly a confidence thing. We had an enjoyable time and learnt a great deal about how playing on a stage works. Can’t complain.

So people, I know this is a deviation from my usual theme oriented posts, but things are crazy right now with all this festive stuff. I will probably take a week or two off here unless I come up with some sweet posts. But I’ll be back in the new year. Potentially my first post will be over on my personal blog. I’ll link that up at some point when I’m done adding content. It is just basically stuff I think about that isn’t programming related.

World peace etc.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!